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Epics playlist contribution- 12+ min long :D

Epics playlist contribution- 12+ min long :D

Hello buddies.

Let's make one (or another) playlist of epic long songs, like the ones from prog folks like 2112 (Rush), and Octavarium (Dream Theater). The idea is simple: just name a song which is relatively long (at least 12 minutes, but 16 or more is proffered) and that always blow your mind 😉

To already have a nice number of names for the start, I'll name some of my favourite:

Haken - Visions
Haken - Crystallised
Dream Theater - Octavarium
Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons
Jimi Hendrix - 1983 (Although its not quite on the rules, it definitely should be here)

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Well this song goes way beyond the 12 minute marker, one could argued that this is really a full album done in one long musical piece, but the whole musical piece is just wow. Not many bands do an entire musical piece in one long structure like this, like it might be done with the music style of say classical music structure, but interpret a modern musical piece this way. Well here it goes.


Artist: Green Carnation

Piece of music: Light of Day, Day of Darkness


Bringing this back to activity... Maybe someone can bring up ideas to this

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