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Excluding cover tracks from DISCOVER WEEKLY

Excluding cover tracks from DISCOVER WEEKLY

Is there anyway to exclude cover songs from the Discover Weekly playlist?

I just want to listen songs from original artists.

8 Replies

Hey @heresmykey


Unfortunately right now there is no setting to exclude cover songs from Discover Weekly


You can check out this idea here:

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Came upon this looking for the same solution.  Hope everyone at least votes that idea up, I am tired of the constant covers as well and would like my recomended music to actually be things I may not have heard from the original artists, not constant covers that I am not interested in.

Hi! you can dislike songs that it gives you so it won’t suggest things like that to you anymore. 

In the past 3 weeks something happened to my discover weekly & release radar as well. I haven't liked that many cover songs, but I'm now getting at least 3-4 cover songs each week. They all suck. There must be some part of how the recommendation algorithm/models work that give bias to cover songs. I guess it could happen easily; they are musically very similar to tracks I've liked in the past. The problem is that noone likes a cover when the original is so much better! And I don't like to "discover" covers.


I don't know what message disliking the song will send to the recommendation algorithm. Will it be able to infer it's because of the cover status, or will it negatively impact my profile?

Just bumping this thread 

I've moved away from Spotify and I use plex and tidal instead. Strangely the 3 developers at plex make much better recommendation algorithms and tools than the thousands employed at Spotify. It's also very tuneable and configurable!

Hey @phromo, thanks so much for the suggestion. I signed up for the free tidal + plex trial but I couldn't figure out how to get it to give me track recommendations like Pandora or Spotify's Discover Weekly. 

I also came here searching for a way to exclude covers from Discover Weekly. Would be a nice feature.

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