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Feel like Genres need to chill out a bit.

Feel like Genres need to chill out a bit.


I really feel like there are too many genres on Spotify to the point where it literally doesn't even matter anymore. You just pick a word and shove a couple of songs, regardless of association and it's a new genre. 


'Otacore' used to mean generally anime songs, then grew to meaning broaderly fandom related songs. Okay, that's a decent enough 'new' genre... So why did 'DreamSMP' get a whole new genre?? Those songs surely should just go into Otacore. Especially since a lot of songs in ''DreamSMP'' are just songs where people who don't involve themself in that fandom listen to. I know Undertale is classed as DreamSMP music, and I've heard mixed reports that Lemon Demon is too for some reason.


I listen to Undertale music because I like undertale. I hear that it's used in one of those people's streams, so it was classed under a new genre? Why does that specific sub-culture get a new name?


I dunno. I really feel like in recent years with the addition of all of these really niche and specific genres it really loses the point and spreads everything far too thin. Perhaps I am just bitter I got DreamSMP in my top five without at all being a fan of DreamSMP haha. 


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i 100% agree. 

Hi folks,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Some genres may appear with odd names, this is because our world music experts strive to describe music in a way that is consistent with how fans experience it. 


However, we appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve.


If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.



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I get and respect that your team are trying to label things "how fans experience it", but in the process it actually does the opposite.

Labelling something so hyper specific to a genre as 'this specific fandom' makes no sense if the music is not at all related. Again, take the Undertale soundtrack. That is tagged as DreamSMP music, but it's incredibly possible & in fact very likely that people listen to that soundtrack and have no connection with DreamSMP in the slightest.

In any case, I hope it is something that comes up in discussion and will actually be considered.


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