Five Finger Death Punch "The Way of the Fist" not on Spotify


Five Finger Death Punch "The Way of the Fist" not on Spotify


Title. Why is that? All of their albums are on Spotify. On the Topic, "Hell to Pay" also got released for about 3 days and then pulled, why?

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Sometimes the record labels and Spotify can't sort some things out, so music can't get put on Spotify. A staff member made a thread about it, so I suggest you give it a read.


Hope I helped and if you need anything else, just ask.

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Just to jump in here, I did a lookup on this release, for some reason and I will poke around more for why, this release of The Way of the Fist

from 2007 seems to only be available for US Spotify listeners currently.

<album><name>The Way Of The Fist</name><artist href="spotify:artist:5t28BP42x2axFnqOOMg3CM"><name>Five Finger Death Punch</name></artist><released>2007</released><id type="upc">00810067011778</id><availability><territories>US</territories></availability></album>


Now as for the new yet to be full release of Got Your Six has a release date of September 4, 2015, maybe there was a slight issue over the releasing of the single Hell to Pay in your Listening region, not sure?

Anyway here is Way of the Fist if you just happen to be a U.S. Spotify listener currently.



Also for some reason me being in the U.S. the only new currently track available is the single from Got Your Six that is forth coming in September is Jekyll and Hyde: