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Following playlist deleted what happen

Following playlist deleted what happen

Hoi what happend when i following a play list and the person delete the play list of stop sharing public. to avoid lossing the play list is IT advisable to copy the play list please can some one explain what happens what to do.  Chris

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Hi, I hope you're having a lovely day! 

Your question doesn't really make sense but what I will say, is that if the playlist has been deleted, and you can't remember the songs on it, then there is no way to retrieve it

I hope this helped! 💚

Thanks for replay i following playlist from some people which are greate. But what happen if they delete the play list wil they disapear from met play list lists


Ah, I see what you mean 

You will still be able to see the playlist, even if it has been deleted by the creator.

Hope this helps..

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