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I’m wondering how I get a code for the Foo FIghters  Presale?

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Hey, fellow Foo Fan! You can obtain ticket presale codes from Fans First emails that are sent to your registered email address. I hope you can get a ticket soon!


I would like the code too. I can’t believe I didn’t get a code. Family of 4 on plan, 2 are avid Foo Fighter fans. 


Im not happy about the exclusitivity of this process. 


I'm signed up for emails etc. under account settings.  Foo Fighters is clearly one of my top artists.

But no code for presale tickets.  Is it broken?



Wondering the same.  The Foo Fighters Mailing List Pre-Sale went on sale today, and I wasn't able to get any seats - they sold out in less than a minute - I'd rather not do the lawn. 


If anyone has an Austin Spotify Pre-Sale code that they don't plan on using, I would be super happy to use it!


Fight The Foo!


I’m looking for Toronto. 


@Angecaputo wrote:

I’m wondering how I get a code for the Foo FIghters  Presale?

Any codes yet? I get every concert code except the one I want to go to. 


I also have the Spotify family plan, have followed the Foo Fighters on the app for several years, and listen to them often.  I have not received an email with pre-sale code.  What gives?


Hi Nightslash,


I have all the boxes check for email notifcations - but have never reiceveid a fan's first email. I got the Hulu offers and "hey, do you remember listening to this song a year ago" types of things. Do I need to do anything specific?




I haven't received a code either! What gives? Any additional help we can reach to? Looking for ATL!


Well, I finally got an email with the code... TWO HOURS after the pre-sale started! 


Needless to say, there were only single seats available.


What the **bleep** spotify?!


Ok guys, finally I found these


10/26/17 Capital One Presale Password: 414709
10/30/17 Foo Fighters Fan Presale Password: FSKYF18
10/31/17 Presale Password: FOOFIGHTERSRUN
10/31/17 Spotify Presale Password: CANDG18
General public onsale for this event starts on 11/03/17


Never got a pre-sale code from the newsletter.  Bumbed out as tickets have already gone on sale.


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