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Giga Papaskiri

Giga Papaskiri

Would love to see some of the following tracks on Spotify...I have submitted a Music Request form, but nothing as yet, so here's hoping!

lucie from paris giga papaskiri 
27 dragon giga papaskiri ft levan 
perdu dans la liberté original mix giga papaskiri 
mzeo lileo giga papaskiri feat ancho dolidze 
chvenze giga papaskiri feat oto berishvili 
ertad vart chven giga papaskiri feat 1/4
menatreba giga papaskiri 
hey giga papaskiri feat mery mamulashvili 



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Hey there @tiddler!
The availability of music on Spotify is mainly up to the Record Label or the artist.

Unfortunately, the Record Label or The Artist probably decided to not have their music available for streaming on Spotify. You should try contacting the Record Label, and ask them why that Album/Song isn't on Spotify

If you want more info on this, you can learn more here
Have a nice day!

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