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Google Home mini not delivered

Google Home mini not delivered

Hey guys,


I was eligible to get a Google home mini in Canada. Turns out my address was wrong on Google, so it did not get delivered. The Google home mini was sent back to Google. I contacted Google and they say they cannot send it again, that I have to contact Spotify to give me a new promo code. How do I do it? I did not find it anywhere. See below the email from Google's support.



"Thank you for contacting Google Support.

This email is in regards to the chat conversation we had earlier today, I'm sorry we weren't able to complete it. Hence I wanted to follow up via email to ensure all your queries have been answered.

I understand that your orders for Google Home Mini  placed under the Spotify promotion is getting returned to us due to invalid shipping address.I can imagine the situation to be inconvenient for you. I really wish I had an option for you.  Please refer this email to Spotify and explain them about the issue that you missed to avail the promotion, they will help you with the new promo code.

Since this is a auto mated process and as this was a promotional event driven by Spotify, Google can't provide discount codes because we wouldn't be able to verify the customer's eligibility due to which we're unable to send the replacement order. Not to worry, I would request you to contact them for a new promo code. After you have the code, please try placing the order using a valid payment method and your preferred shipping address."

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Hey @gabinam_1990 thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community,


Provided you registered for the offer prior to 18th April 10am UTC and that you were eligible for the offer (see here for more info on that), your registration should be honoured. 


I would suggest you reach out to Spotify Customer Support team here, who will be able to inform you if you can gain a new promo code.


Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.



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