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Gorillaz' debute album

Gorillaz' debute album

I'm able to locate the Gorillaz' album "Gorillaz'" although it shows as empty.

I searched for the artist, and then I've selected "see all albums". Just to let you know I'm not looking at an empty playlist but the actual album.


There's a shuffle button, I've tried it but nothing plays as the album does not appear to hold any tracks.

When I search for the separate tracks on the album, I've managed to locate one-by-one them but I want to play the complete album. 

When I select "show the containing album" in the context menu for one of these songs, it also takes me to the empty album.

Anyone can clarify what would be going on here???


I'm currently using the Android app and have no direct access to a computer but,yes, Inrestarted the app and cleared it's cache.  



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While my question generated a tremendous number of replies, I never got a solution to this.

But automagically, the album content is available again on Spotify ... *rolls eyes*

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