Grateful Dead Radio


Grateful Dead Radio

I love spotify but the radio feature needs some work. I know the grateful dead started in the 60s but they have a completely different sound than what the radio plays (the doors, Jimmy Hendrix, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin) it's almost like a 16 year old kids idea of who the dead sound like. If you want good examples of what you should be playing on the grateful dead radio, then turn on Google Play music.

I like spotify, and I know I am very well in the minority but it would be nice if someone paid some attention to this.
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@rudylorren minority or not, your opinion matters!


the suggestive algorithms are based around what others listen to at the same time as much as the preference of tastemakers and people in the know.


there are ways to work around that, for example there are other features that will seek out similar music in different ways:

  • create similar playlist
  • discover weekly (when you add songs you love to playlists, it will suggest more like that)
  • you can suggest improvements to the radio feature in the Ideas Exchange
  • daily mix (which can be tailored with likes and dislikes)
  • you can seek out user playlists like this one



Hope that helps!