Guns and Roses--a band that was pretty popular

Guns and Roses--a band that was pretty popular

I did a search to put a guns and roses playlist together--one song by them came up!! Are you kidding me?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Has anybody had problems searching for popular artists???


Please advise--this si gonna be reeeeeally good....

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Hey LeeVardar!


Are you searching for Guns and Roses or Guns N´ Roses? I´m seeing a few of their albums here: Guns N' Roses.

It is because the band name is "Guns N' Roses" 😉 


Anyways, for a direct link to their artist page click here.



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Fantastic. I forgot just how tempermental search venues are. Anyway, how do I from an artists page then create a playlist. I can't get it to show all the songs in a list so I can drag them into a playlist I created.


Any idea?


Thanks again!

Jime'nez never mind. I got it. thanks again for your help.

your lucky the spotify community is nice. if you did that on youtube you would be ridiculed for it. but yeah its Guns N' Roses.

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