Hacked Account/Spotify Compromised


Hacked Account/Spotify Compromised


Hey all. I woke up to see that someone else is playing music on my Spotify. After changing the twice password (secure random pwd generator) and having Spotify secure my account, the problems persists. I don't see anyone else listening to my music; however random EDM artists/playlist appear in my recently played. I am 100% certain nobody has gained access after I changed the password but rather Spotify has an issue on their end. Support Chat are useless and not giving me a straight answer.

- Logged out all accounts

- I have changed the password twice both with a random password generator.

- My email is secure, I have double authentication and no suspicious logins.

- I have not received emails from Spotify about any logins to my account either.

- I do not have Facebook tied to my account in any way.


Spotify Team, you have to step up! This is a service we pay for, you can't just leave us hanging!!! Please provide a solution and more information.


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Hi there @malimchik,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


First of all i would like to mention that in order for this type of posts to get the relevant attention they should be posted in one of the help boards here.


To your issue, if you have followed the steps provided both here and here, i would like to suggest you consider creating a new account.


This insures that you have a freshly created account and prevents from the same access gained users to use your account.


Furthermore, you can learn how to easily and safely transfer all your account's data using the steps provided on this Spotify Answer.


Let me know what you think.

I'm always around to help 🙂

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