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Hardwell's House Party Playlist Broken

Hardwell's House Party Playlist Broken

The songs should play like an actual mix (Not playing through the entire song, but skipping to the next track maybe partway through as a real DJ would do) and songs are not skipping where they should. Seems like maybe some track markers were removed that is making it play through the entire song. For example: The song "Creatures of the Night" that's first in the playlist (spotify:track:7E12QRk94o3DBLzkySXFqn) a little over halfway through should skip to the next song, "With you" (spotify:track:1xLm55uvjZcF3I2cncAWfS) seamlessly. It seems like this is not working as it should, as it finishes playing the entire first song before moving on. The same behavior is with the rest of the playlist, although some tracks start at the correct location, the behavior of the playlist is broken. I talked to support on twitter, and they assured me that nothing was broken and that it was normal. Here is their response. "We appreciate the heads-up. Due to the recent changes on how Party plays music, what you're experiencing right now is normal. Don't worry, your feedback won't fall on deaf ears. We'll let the relevant folks know you'd like to revert to Party's old version of playing music".

5 Replies

same problem with a bunch of spotify's house party playlists. for example, martin garrix, axwell ingrosso... on and on

I can't even find them anymore. They used to all appear nicely in the dance/edm genre, and now they're nowhere to be found. It was really annoying when i went to jog this morning and they were missing.

we need a fix for this asap. spotify ure letting a bunch of people down. what is the next step in resolving this issue??

Can't seem to find them either... Where are does? I loved them!

Spotify is disillusioning enough the followers of the edm.

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