Has Spotify saved the music industry?


Has Spotify saved the music industry?

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Over the last couple of months I've done some research on Spotify and the way it changed the music industry. I have the feeling that Spotify may have been the savior of the industry, because in the last couple of years there has been more revenue for the industry in comparison to the years before. The revenue from the music industry was in a decline from 1999 til 2015. What is your opinion on the topic?

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This kind of platforms for sure make it easier for new artist.

Also today it much cheaper to built a home studio and more and more distributores taking a flat fee.

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Re: Has Spotify saved the music industry?


I'm not sure if 'saved' is the right term, the music industry has been, and will always be big, but bolstered it for sure. I think it also has helped push the new wave of indy artists

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Yes and no. It's great for the labels, especially those who house the most popular streaming artists. Older artists, or those with smaller followings, don't get as much of a benefit from streaming and have to rely on touring to make up the lost revenue from the sales they are no longer receiving. Also, the way content is uploaded and removed can be a frustrating experience at times. Music that I have listened to for years is no longer available, and I have to track down my own digital file - and the artist/label/producer/writers no longer gets revenue from streams. There are pluses and minuses, and the pluses mostly outweigh the negatives.

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Both yes and no. Spotify has definetely made it easier for people to listen to music on the go and expand their playlists. The features such as song and artist recommendations, weekly created playlists, and the playlists created at the end of each year allows the listeners to go back and listen to the songs they haven't been in a while and also broaden their preference spectrum, so to say. 


It becomes frustrating when some features such as downloading and listening without internet are only reserved for Premium users and listeners have to pay money. A lot of listeners on Spotify are young adults such as high school, middle school, and college students. They don't have money most of the time, and it becomes tedious for parents to pay money every month to Spotify on top of everything else just so that their kids can listen to music. I am also not a big fan of how some artists' songs are not on here especially when they have a huge audience and fan base outside of Spotify. 


Overall, I think that Spotify has certainly changed the game and continues to do so, and I am really looking forward to their future additions on the application.