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Heart/plus songs and finding them!

Heart/plus songs and finding them!


Someone's not that smart and I'm thinking it's me. I thought hearting songs also added the song somewhere in my library in the same way as plussing a song does. But I can't find them! Not the plussed nor the hearted songs.


I tried looking at the songs-list and the plussed are there but so is aaaaaaall the songs, I've already added to a playlist! I'm also missing a playlist that I somehow believed was autogenerated/saved with all these heart/plus songs like the discover playlist. I can't seem to find somewhere in settings where I can change the directory where songs are saved.





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Hi @Siller18 ! 🙂

Sorry to hear you are having some trouble!
You are correct though with the Heart function as this is the same as adding to Your Library.
The minute you click a heart in a playlist it should transfer the track to "Your Library"> "Songs." Your check marked songs also appear here too in one big list (newest on top). However, Hearting a song won't add it to a playlist too. 
On a side note, the Radio mode is a thumbs up/down function so these do get added to a Playlist called "Liked From Radio."
If you have been using Spotify for a long time too, there used a be a playlist called "Starred" that your favorited songs got added to, but this isn't relevant now with the Heart function.
Hopefully this helps clear it up a little! 🙂

Using heart instead of favorite and songs not being added to any playlist. Total useless. Add to library feature is sufficient. I just dont get it

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