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How do I add an entire artist's catalog to a playlist?

How do I add an entire artist's catalog to a playlist?

I want to create a playlist of the entire catalogs of multiple artists. This would be a workaround to the ability to create radio stations based on multiple seeds. I'd like to just be able to shuffle a station or playlist that is open to the full catalog of any number of specified artists. Any ideas?

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Hey @mystereli, thanks for reaching out!


The best way to do this would be to head to the artist's profile on desktop, select the first track on the first  album, scroll down to the bottom of the album section, hold shift while selecting the last track on the last album. This should select all of the artist's albums. Just drag them over to a new playlist and you're done. 


If you just want all the tracks on an artist's profile, including singles, you can push cmd/ctrl + A and drag everything over to a new playlist.


We hope this helps.




This should be easier. Why not a simple "add this artist to this playlist" option?

Both on Desktop and Mobile! (iOS & Android)
Can't believe this is not a thing yet!

Hey @gschanuel and everyone,


Just popping in to let you know that if you wish to have the option to add an entire artist's catalog to a playlist you created, you can suggest this as an idea. To do so:


  1. Go to the Spotify Community
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Click on Ideas > Idea submissions
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Let’s go

As a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented 🙂


You can also check this Spotify Answer to get to know more about how your feedback will reach Spotify through the Idea submission process.

Hope you'll find this info useful. Feel free to reach out anytime if there's anything we can help with!

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And now solution suggested by @Lee does not work because of new Spotify interface. Why this requested feature is not implemented yet?

How do I suppose to add all the tracks from an artist to a playlist now?




Vote this, So we could get this feature
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A feature for this would be still nice, but until then you can follow these steps. Go to the desired artist, and scroll down to the albums section, and click "See discography" on the right. After that you can click the list view button at the top right area of the window. Then using Ctrl+A will select all tracks and you can add them to a play list the normal way. Repeat for the artist's singles section and you'll have everything.


EDIT: I guess i needed to update my spotify, and the method i described doesn't seem to work anymore either.

Hey, in case you're looking for solution. Worked on macOS Monterey version 12.4 Macbook Pro M1, 2020.

Go to desktop app (version Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)

go to Search option in the menu. Search just for the name of the artist. From the tabs in the Search window select "Songs". 

The search preloads only the first 100 songs, to get a complete list, keep scrolling until the remainder of the songs are loaded (if an artist has more than 100). Then you press cmd + a (ctrl + a) to select all songs, right-click on any of those -> add to the playlist, or select as loved.


You're welcome! 🙂

Just check that this method works for Desktop app on Windows 11 as of 12/21/2022

I don't know personally I think it'd be great to just right click the discography on desktop, and hold for mobile and there be an option to just add the whole discography or just go through and select the ones you want based on a checkbox type thing

i got more songs than just ones from the artist i searched for????

This is definitely a workaround, but I discovered that if you access Spotify in a chrome browser, you can add this extension, and then be able to add all of an artist songs to a playlist.

This seems to far. Thanks!


Hey @Lee (not that @-user works hare), does Spotify actually give a 💩 about what users request?


This basic feature (select all) USED TO WORK. Then some update broke it. Yet you guys didn't care, and it's still broken THREE YEARS LATER.


I find it absolutely RIDICULOUS that someone had to make a Chrome extension to work around your incompetence.

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