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How do I remove a playlist suggestion from my 'good morning' view?

How do I remove a playlist suggestion from my 'good morning' view?






My Question or Issue

Every time I open spotify I get greeted by this friendly lady on the cover of the playlist "Gently Mouthing you ASMR". I opened this playlist "ONCE". Additionally I get more recommendations for another ASMR playlist I opened once.. If I was listening to this kind of thing more often I would understand but the only reason I opened them in the first place was because Spotify kept throwing them in my face.


Spotify does not give me an option to remove this suggestion from this page and she's been there for more than a month already..

Every time I open Spotify at work I have to look behind my shoulder because of this unnecessary explicit content.

Even if it was a normal playlist, Spotify should give me the option to remove it from these suggestions no?!?

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Hi there @MR_FOXES,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. 


This is not possible at the moment. However there's an idea - [All Platforms] Customize Start Screen. We suggest that you leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the idea for any updates regarding this.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Have a continued great weekend 🙂 

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

How is this answer helping me in any possible way? The idea you've linked to has been around since 3 years. It is obvious Spotify has no intention of including this feature.


Additionally, I don't care about customizing my homepage, all I want is to be able to remove these recommendations. It can be as simple as a checkbox to turn them on or off.



Thanks for keeping in touch.


We understand where you're coming from and we're sorry to hear that your experience isn't as expected. As @Jeremy mentioned, it isn't possible at the moment to modify what's shown in the Home screen of the app, including what shows in the Good morning section - that's why we suggest adding your vote to that idea.


In this case, you just need to keep listening to your favorite artists, albums and playlists so that section can be updated eventually.


The Community is here for you if there's anything else you need.

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But how is it possible that something I listened to ONCE for 10 seconds takes priority over other music I listen to daily??



It certainly is possible, it just hasn't been implemented. I'm voting to implement this feature, but Spotify don't seem very interested in doing what their customers want! Very disappointing.

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your replies and feedback.


We understand that things can feel frustrating when things don't work as you'd like them to. Rest assured that we're always trying to improve as we always strive to improve our features.


We hope for your understanding and that you continue using Spotify and find it gets better in the future.


Once again - thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help you with anything else. 


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

I have the same issue where I have an unwanted explicit pod cast recommendation in my "Good Morning" feed.  There should be a method to remove this from my feed or turn off the "Good Morning" feed all together. This is not wanted and I have contemplated deleting my account over this issue.  Please Spotify, have an update that allows users a little customization abilities like on other platforms.  I don't listen to podcasts and personally they should have there own tab that I could choose to not show them.  I use Spotify for Music but after 8 years, I am finding that Spotify doesn't care. They have you vote and then just do nothing about it.  I don't see what is so hard about offering that easy ability to be able to delete unwanted content.

Hey @swins10 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome. 


We appreciate the feedback you’re giving about this option, but this process is not possible at the moment. 


However, other users had a similar idea and posted it here. Even though the status is set as Not right now as there are no immediate plans to implement this, it doesn't mean the idea has been rejected. We’d suggest adding your vote and subscribing to the idea to get notified as soon as we have any updates to share.


If you have any additional questions, the Community will be here for you.


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@Jeremy...How many votes does it take to enact a change?  There are over 7600 votes on this topic.  This is absolutely ridiculous, I should be able to have my screen up at work and not worry about co-workers seeing an explicit suggestion on my feed.  I'm sorry but I have zero interest on listening to a Pornhub podcast!

I SO agree on this!! As a user you should be able to delete something from your Home Screen!! Someone told me there were explicit podcasts on Spotify, so I listened out of curiosity but decided it is not for me and now it is blocked in my Good morning for god knows how long???!!! I cannot open my Spotify anymore when someone is around, my kids take my phone all the time... I just can't believe that such a simple feature like clearing your history is not available on Spotify... it just is ridiculous. With so many votes it is clear your customers want this, so how is Spotify not doing this??? 
I'm seriously thinking of canceling my account, but as I have a family account, it will oblige my sons to find another solution. But I cannot understand how a company like Spotify does not listen to its customers when they ask for such a simple feature. That alone makes me definitely want to leave.  

Absolutely agree with you guys.


I spent two months reading bunch of topics, videos and i dont know what else how to disable this sh*t not working feature and there are two things which you can find - angry users (from 2019 - now) and "zero answers" - Hello thank you for a message. Go love yourself Spotify if you are not able to implement this stupid feature to simply hide or anything else with those unwanted podcasts/shows. Two years lots of people asking you to do it. What we have to do? Cancel our subscriptions and paying you for that services? I cannot understand this ignoring of customers.

I agree. I clicked I to a podcast out of curiosity and listened to about 10 seconds of it. I don't want to see it again. It is now in my "Good Morning" section.

I don't want to see it again or have it color my recommendations.

If a checkbox or right click menu option for removing it can be done, I say DO IT!


Thank you.



I have this exact problem and I HATE it. I recently started an Apple Music trial because it pisses me off so much. Just let me downvote the podcast and get it off my screen!! I rated the podcast 1-star but I still see it!!!

"Updated on 2020-11-03

Hey folks,
We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.

Not useful at likes from me!!


this good morning is the most stup*#d F*#$% suggestions i have ever seen. 

i don't even listen do podcast, wth does spotify keeps annoying me with non-use suggestions ?!!

i just want to listen my music... i'm hating Spotify more and more


Wow spotify… basically im researching the same stuff and it is still not fixed in may 2022? Pls have a discussion internally as alot of ppl want this good morning section off

Exactly! Spotify is terrible when it comes to customer help. A friend of mine had played some 18+ podcasts on my account as a joke and it had somehow showed up on my good morning / evening section… It makes me incredibly uncomfortable and i cant find any solutions. I would switch to a new account but i have premium on this one, and it’s also attached to my primary email and would like to keep it that way.

Same issue.  I think I might be looking to move to a different company. This should be an easy fix.  I am thinking Spotify WANTS this to be that way.  I just cannot think of any reason why.

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