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How do I turn off the LGBTQ politically focus playlist on my homepage

How do I turn off the LGBTQ politically focus playlist on my homepage

I don’t wanna see any sexual weird content on my homepage
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I’m trying to listen to music I just don’t want about race or someone’s sexuality I’m just trying to vibe on my way home from work

Hi @Ogdnames, thanks for writing.


When it comes to content, Spotify offers something for everyone—and that includes control. Since Spotify is all about delivering the music you want, they built in a quick and easy setting that helps you filter out songs that might not be appropriate for everyone in your house or car to hear. All it takes is one click on Spotify’s Explicit Content Filter. 

All music, including those that are tagged “explicit,” is available to stream on Spotify by default. To change that, you simply have to toggle one specific setting. Here’s how:

On mobile device or tablet

  1. Tap the “Home” icon.
  2. Go to “Settings” by tapping the gear in the upper right corner 
  3. Scroll down to “Allow Explicit Content” toggle
  4. Turn the toggle off (gray).

On desktop

  1. Click the down arrow in the upper right, and select “Settings.”
  2. Under “Explicit Content,” turn off the toggle next to “Allow playback of explicit-rated content.”

If you ever want to go back to unfiltered listening, simply return to “Settings” and turn the toggle back on (from gray to green). And if you subscribe to the Premium Family plan, it’s simple to block explicit content for another user on your account. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your “Family Hub.”
  2. Select “Premium Family” in the menu on the left.
  3. Click on the member for whom you’d like to block explicit content.
  4. Turn the “Explicit Content” toggle off.

Regardless of how the toggle is set, you can often find “clean” versions of songs originally recorded with explicit lyrics. Enter the title of the song into the search bar on Spotify, either on your mobile device or on your computer, then choose the version of the song not marked as explicit. If there’s an ‘E’ next to the song, it means it’s explicit. 

Of course, new music appears on Spotify all the time. So if you discover a track that hasn’t been correctly tagged, you can now report it through the “Report Explicit Content” option in the track’s menu. Simply tap or click the three dots to the right of the song title (the “context menu”), and scroll down to report the track. For more information, visit the support page on managing Explicit Content.


Let me know if it helps!

BittencourtSpotify Star
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This solution is wrong. It will disable all explicit content. This is not the goal. I don’t want to open spotify and first thing I see is some LGBTQ+ and trans stuff Spotify pushes on a top of the screen. Let us allow to choose what we want to see without You pushing political/sexual **bleep**.

Spotify, you should either stop pushing this stuff to users or make option to opt out. 
Your algorithms became crooked. Songs and genres that it suggest is not in any way similar with what I’m listening. Just pushing agenda. 
Sad to see Spotify became another political clown.


i think if you delete your account it will fix your problem 🙂

Thank you for your guidance, sage

I agree with you, not only that,

but all the other "suggestions" is getting to be absurd.   My home page is so cluttered it's a mess, and we should be able to clean it up.  I'm going to check out Pandora again, it's been many years. 




that's exactly what I'm going to do.  😎



Please I need help to take off all this LGBT stuff I dont want it at all and it keeps appering on my main screen, HELP!

Screenshot 2023-06-23 194249.png

I am searching for an answer to remove LGB labeled music as well since I will not be listening to it.

Can we get a reply to this @mod? I was setting up accounts for my kids on the premium family plan and could not figure out how to get rid of this trans and lgbtq stuff on the front homepage, so I ended up going with pandora but I still use spotify myself. I would like to be able to have my kids use it too, and i dont need to turn off every song with a cussword in it, but I dont need my kids exposed to racist or sexually charged stuff right when the open the app, WTH!!


Can some MODERATOR please help us here?? All I get when I create the new family accounts is this sexually explicit and racist garbage on the home screen. How do I get rid of it?? I wont let my kids use spotify now because its all they see when they open the app. Help!!

Spotify please add a switch to disable all LBTQ recommendations. Spotify needs to realize that the majority of people don’t care about these themes and we are here for the music, not politics. At least give users an option to opt-out, or make a checklist to select what themes one is comfortable having on the front page.

Here’s the thing, some people really love to listen to the issues and think critically about politics, LGBTQ+, racial inequality in America, and more. However, some people want to listen to content that is not charged with these themes. I for one, love podcasts about agriculture, but that doesn’t mean everyone should be forced to listen to agriculturally themed content. As consumers and customers, Spotify will begin to lose our business if we are forced to sift through so much content that does not meet our individual preferences. I have loved Spotify but am becoming frustrated with how much time it takes trying to find content without these themes. Hopefully this is feature we see soon, otherwise we will just have to let the free market work and go find a substitute streaming service.

I FOUND THE SOLUTION EVERYONE! If you hate seeing all this LGBQT alphabet stealing political bs like I do, here's what you do. When DJ or Recommendations plays a LGBQT focused Playlist: 1.) Click/tap the 3 vertical dots, 2.) Click/tap "Go to song Radio" 3.) Then click/tap on the 3 vertical dots again and Click/tap "Exclude from your taste profile" This will effectively minimize any type of LGBTQ content and keep you, your family, and your children safe

Same here bro I found the solution albeit kind of tedious but it's the best way I've found to protect my family and kids. When the song shows up in your Playlist or DJ: 1.) Go to 3 Vertical dots and click where it says "Go to song Radio" 2.) Then once your at the artist page click the 3 dots again and scroll down and hit "Exlude from my taste profile" This will minimize and eliminate to any unwanted listening and suggestions.

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