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How do we contact the artist to add their music?

How do we contact the artist to add their music?

A few weeks a go, I asked spotify to add Twenty One Pilot's album "Regional at Best" and someone replied saying that i needed to conntact the artist. I'm just kinda confused on why I have to do it. Isn't their job to do that? I don't even know how I would be able to conntact them and actually get a respone, but spotify is a well know music player and would have a greater chance of communicating with Tyler and Josh or Fuled by Ramen. 

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Some artists have a mail or a link on their website where you can contact them. If not, you can look for the website of their discography, I'm pretty sure you can contact with them on there.

Even tho I agree with you that it's Spotify who should contact with artists so they add their music here. Hope I helped xx.

Actually you do can contact them thru their webpages (most of them) I am a video prooducer and in the beggining I had to get in touch with artist or labels so I could use their music without restrictions. I'm not saying it is going to be easy or that them all are going to answer you but at least you can try and be sure the aritsts even will fill flattered that you're looking for listen to them in whatever,  this case spotify.


Lot's of artists hate the idea of streams brother/sister.


So they probably are anti streams.


It's tough to live off 1 cent a play man.

Rex Luciferius the lead singer of Rex Luciferius

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