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How do you get in touch with playlist owners as an artist?


How do you get in touch with playlist owners as an artist?

When you have your music on Spotify, how do you get in contact with relevant playlist owners to present your music if it seems to fit their playlist?


Link to our album if you are interested:

Bound by Law – Break the Day


Thanks for your help

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I ended up in the Spotify Fresh Find Playlist. I was wondering does that increase my chances on ending up on other Spotify playlists?

Hope You like us, Indie rock band from Iran/Armenia


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I'll be trying to find an answer, for now check out my music

G Funky The Animal also had this problem, then he took it upon himself to start and start taking all music submissions send him a email thru the contact page and he will put your Spotify player on his site and add it to his Playlist.  This is a brand new website. First Come take first spots.

ofcourse It does ! 

The more people that come across your record - the more opportunity for that record to land in another playlist.

Great job!! 

Thank you! I just put out a Funk/Pop type song and was wondering if I can end up in an approptiate playlist because technically I'm considered a hip hop artist, but I make EVERY genre of music lol.

I totally get that. As an artist myself, working on different genre projects, I tend to treat each record as a release of it's own. Identify the genre/mood, look for similar playlists, and target those specific playlists for placements for each and every record I release. 

I know it can get frustrating, but the journey to success can be frustrating! I enjoy Spotify because it really does allow artists to gain the exposure they're looking for with a little hard work and effort !!

I agree! Looks like I have a little bit of work to do. Also can you please link me your artist profile?
Lately I've been releasing a bunch of singles and each on fits in a different genere. That's why last year I released an album titled Shuffle lol, thought it was fitting. I'm looking to release the sequel to it by next year.

I am a Playlist Curator myself and have near 11 000 followers on my Spotify playlists.


I think the best way to find them is to search on the net for words like these:

"Playlist Curator",

"Independent Playlist Curator",

"Spotify Playlist",

"Playlist Submission",

"Independent Curator",

"Song Submission to Playlist",

etc..You get the idea?


The reason is Playlist Curators are in search for new music all the time and they usually try to mention these keywords on their Websites, Social Networks, etc. so Musicians/Artists/Producers can find them easier.


For song submissions you can reach here:


Playlists I curate on Spotify can be found here:

Hey! I just posted several releases on Spotify and I would like that you listen it, maybe they could fit into some of your playlists. All the best. Marc Puig

Sure thing if u made it it's worth listening too, follow me on fb plz I'll throw up music up on the website after I take
a listen it will be in the spreadnlove section if it makes the cut

If you want a refreshing yet raw and graceful nostalgic hip hop sound then Check out album "WHO AM I" by Jahshua on spotify now!



If you want a refreshing yet raw and graceful nostalgic hip hop sound to add to your playlists then check out album "WHO AM I" by Jahshua on spotify now!

If you want it on just send me a submission form thru
the site it's a brand new site and spots are filling in nicely get in while
u can it will be rearranged to showcase all artists soon

**bleep**in dope I'm gonna give u ur own lol section ironic cuz I'm in the
process of trying to make a reggae track

Hey, to all Dance, Drum and Bass, EDM, Playlists curators please have a listen to my music, and add t to your playlists if it suits.

Thanks man I appreciate it! You curate playlists as well?

Hi, I'm currently doing some research on the significance of playlists in the music industry for my Masters Degree in Commercial Music. Would you be interested in an interview with me? It would be very helpful to my research. Let me know soon, thanks.


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