How long in advance to submit an Album


How long in advance to submit an Album

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Hi there,


I am asking my fellow musicians who have had success with their releases on spotify how far in advance they submitted it? 


I know they save 7 days for release radar, but how far in advance do you usually need to be considered for Editorial playlists? I am wondering if it is doable to release something this Friday. Is that enough notice to Music Editors? 


Any help/ response is greatly appreciated.




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Re: How long in advance to submit an Album


Hey! Welcome to the Spotify Community!


It usually takes about two weeks for new music to reach Spotify. As for getting into editorial playlists, Spotify isn't the clearest but they do say:

Get your music in early to give our editors a chance to listen.

Just to be safe I'd recommend submitting ~2 weeks from your planned release date!

I hope I was able to help, and I look forward to hearing your music! Please reply if you need any more help, and if you don't mind linking me your artist page once you release your new stuff, I'm pretty open to anything so I'd be happy to listen!

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Re: How long in advance to submit an Album

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Thanks so much for the great answer! 


it is set for this Friday, I had to get it out as the Release Show already was on Oct 3rd (it was awesome) 

But wanted to keep the release pretty close to build on the momentum! 


Here is the pre-save links, if you could please add it.


Thanks again, Vivek-