How they stream: Other Sources


How they stream: Other Sources


Last week, before the huge update of Spotify for Artists, the stats in my tab "How they stream" include 

Other Sources: 2%

The day after the update, it looks

Other Sources: 18%

So now it is vital to know what are those other sources. For me it is quite surprising that that **bleep** jumped from 2 to 18 in one day.


You might wonder: what decreased? Mainly the vaule "Other People's Playlists" (from 77 to 65%)

Any idea what are those Other Sources, concretely?

Juan Maria

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I noticed my other sources have increased too for my artist page. I haven't seen any info on the change yet. "Your Artist Profile" used to be the highest one but now other sources is.

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I'm at 32% dor "All Other Sources" and would also like to know where this is coming from.