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How to check Spotify ranking of artist

How to check Spotify ranking of artist

Spotify ranks artists based on their number of listeners. How can I check the entire list f artists ranked by Spotify?
108 Replies

Taylor Swift is #2

j balvin?


1 Ed sheeran
2 J balvin
3 Maroon 5
4 Taylor swift
5 Post malone
6 imagine dragons
8 Calvin harris
9 Dua lipa
10 daddy yankee

That's the beauty of globalization!


The whole world has spotify... Artists can reach the top for being very well known in their own country and region!

i think it got taken down or something. do you have another linkl?

Since My last Topic got deleted and not restored I opened a new Chart, for the Future I will update here every week.

1. Ed Sheeran
2. Camila Cabello
3. Post Malone
4. Eminem
5. Marron 5
6. Dua lipa
7. J Balvin
8. Demi Lovato
9. Bruno Mars
10. Selena Gomez

he made the despacito remix with justin bieber that has over a billion streams

Last Time that I will post here, from now on I will update the Chart on this side:

This is an ANSWER!

Ed sheeren in now 1st!!


DATE: March 10/ 2018


1. Drake 46.2M

2. Ed Sheeran 45.0M

3. Kendrick Lamar 44.9M

4. Camila Cabello 42.2M

5. Post Malone 38.3M

6. Dua Lipa 37.8M

7. Marshmello 37.0M

8. The Weeknd 36.3M

9. Eminem 35.4M

10. Bruno Mars 34.7M

11. The Chainsmokers 34.6M

12. Khalid 34.0M

13. Maroon 33.1M 

14. Daddy Yankee 33.0M

15. David Guetta 32.8M

16. J Balvin 32.0M

17. Imagine Dragons 31.3M

18. Demi Lovato 31.3M

19. Future 31.2M

20. Rihanna 29.9M


DATE: March 11/ 2018


1. Drake 46.7M

2. Kendrick Lamar 44.8M

3. Ed Sheeran 44.8M

4. Camila Cabello 42.2M

5. Post Malone 38.7M

6. Dua Lipa 37.7M

7. Marshmello 37.7M

8. The Weeknd 36.1M

9. Eminem 35.1M

10. The Chainsmokers 34.5M

11. Bruno Mars 34.4M

12. Khalid 34.1M 

13. Daddy Yankee 33.1M 

14. David Guetta  33.0M

15. Maroon 5 32.8M

16. J Balvin 32.2M

17. Imagine Dragons 31.5M

18. Demi Lovato 31.2M

19. Future 31.1M

20. Rihanna 29.8M


This person is amazing, he updates this list once a week. And it makes me sooo happy. As for now, this is the only way, as far as I know!

Oh, and if you copy this: you'll find lists of artists and songs you listented to the most. 

DATE: March 24/ 2018


1. Drake 48.1M

2. Kendrick Lamar 43.5M

3. Ed Sheeran 43.3M

4. Camila Cabello 41.1M

5.  Marshmello 40.6M

6. Post Malone 40.4M

7. Dua Lipa 37.9M

8. David Guetta 34.9M

9. The Chainsmokers 34.7M

10. Khalid 34.3M

11. The Weeknd 34.3M

12. Eminem 33.5M 

13. J Balvin  33.3M 

14. Daddy Yankee 33.2M

15. Bruno Mars  33.2M

i live in australia population is 27 million i doubt 23,686,415 people listen to him in my country




1. Drake 49.8 mln

2. The Weeknd 41.8 mln

3. J Balvin 41 mln

4. Ed Sheeran 40.9 mln

5. Dua Lipa 40.2 mln

6. Marshmello 40 mln

7. Kendrick Lamar 39.8 mln

8. David Guetta 39 mln

9. Post Malone 38 mln

10. Camila Cabello 36.4 mln

April 29 2018

1. Drake (50.7m)
2. J Balvin (43.6m)
3. The Weeknd (42.2m)
4. Dua Lipa (41.8m)
5. Ed Sheeran (40m)
6. Marshmello (39.8m)

7.Post Malone (39.54m)
8. David Guetta (39.5m)
9. Kendrick Lamar (38m)
10. Calvin Harris (37.4m)

You can view the entire list by visiting the website link below:

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