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How to get rid of Russian music?

How to get rid of Russian music?

I'm from Ukraine. I stopped listening to Russian music altogether. I block any Russian tracks in every playlist of the week so that they don’t come across to me at all. But every week I see the same thing. How can this be??

Also, I can't understand why Russian music is generally offered for listening in Ukraine. And you know perfectly well that for listening to this music, taxes are paid to the treasury of the country of registration. Then this money goes to the military collection. There is a very simple chain of support for this war.
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I understand that you are trying to avoid listening to Russian music at the moment. Unfortunately, sometimes some tracks may appear in Spotify music suggestions, but you can always lock those tracks and create a custom playlist with your favorite songs. You can also disable recommendations in your listening history and even use the "Don't show me this again" feature in the app to prevent these tracks from being served to you. I hope this helps: One way that can help prevent suggested songs from playing is: 1- Open your Spotify app and click on the image. 2- Then click on play. 3- Then scroll down and disable the autoplay icon. This initiative will stop the playback of the suggested songs.

But... your suggestion is to avoid Spotify's killer feature - algorithms.
It's not a solution, and you know that.

1. Make custom playlists

2. Lock recommendations
What you have after that - iTunes, or whatever...

I also struggling with that... I'm already tired to block their music track by track, I just want to block that country from my recommendations forever. Finally, I hope that all artists will be blocked and couldn't earn money at Spotify and supporting this war



got in my Discover Weekly... "tovarishch stalin"... AmAZED

"killer feature" ??  It's algorithms are terrible. Today it suggested country music and french music to me.  I don't understand either.

Want an option to restrict recommended content by counrty/language.
Never listened to russian music, but it keeps appearing in my daily mixes. I don't want to sponsor rockets that flying to my city by paying to their artist (who are paying taxes from my money to terrorist state budget). 
I'll just cancel my subscription if russian songs will keep appearing in my playlist.

Moreover, I can't even remove or hide those songs from my mix on pc, this is just absurd.





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Same issue here. Out of nowhere, 27 out of 30 songs in my Discover Weekly are russian. I have blocked them all but each week more of them appear in my list. I used to love this feature, but I feel like something else is going on now, where paid content plays a role. Spotify won't do anything about it and literally told me to reinstall the app. Seriously?
I haven't heard anything like this happening at other music streaming services, so I think the only solution is to switch. 







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All my friends praise it. Spotify must have such cool recommendations. And Spotify themselves claim in their weekly playlists, 'Our editors from around the world understand music and cultural nuances like no one else, creating only the best playlists that satisfy even the most discerning music enthusiasts.'

As a result, I'm already tired of disliking at least 50% of every weekly playlist solely because they are filled with tracks in the language of the country of the aggressor (russia), which launches dozens or hundreds of rockets at us every day.

To me, this is just surreal. I hope it's only due to misinformation and not close cooperation with this region-killer.

What's more, russian tracks are much less frequent in my acquaintances' playlists. Although they do occasionally appear, despite your "editors from around the world who understand music and cultural nuances like no one else, creating only the best playlists that satisfy even the most discerning music enthusiasts.

Language filter - The Spotify Community . Vote this Suggestion pls

Hello! I have a problem lately. For some reason, Spotify recommends a bunch of Russian-language content to me, even though I live in Ukraine and don't listen to Russian music AT ALL. How can you remove Russian music from recommendations?

I don't like the fact that more and more Russian songs appear in my recommendations, although I haven't listened to them before. 

I'm from Ukraine. 27 out of 30 recommended tracks in the weekly playlist are Russian. Is Spotify making fun of us? I've been blocking Russian tracks for many years, and you keep adding more and more of them. There are no Russians in my playlists, why are you doing this? Please stop.

Stop promoting Russian music in my premium account.

I've been doing this for years, and this week, 27 out of 30 recommended songs are Russian.

I pay for premium for recommendations and new music. Instead of music recommendations tailored to my tastes, I'm being pushed Russian music in genres I don't even listen to.Screenshot_16.pngScreenshot_17.pngScreenshot_18.pngScreenshot_19.png

Same here, **bleep** asf

Spotify became awful the last time! Every "Discovery weekly" playlist is full of russian songs! Please, provide the feature of blocking songs from russia or at least, if you are unconscionable - feature to block song from specific country! 
The next week I'll disable my subscription and change it for more consious service!



If you don't want to do that feature for us, then please expose an API call to block an artist, to at least allow the third-party volunteer to do this work for us.

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 15.56.00.png

This isn't about 2-3 tracks in the weekly selection to diversify musical tastes. It's about 80-90% of Russian tracks in the recommendations!

+1, I am tired of this process of removing 80% of the "Discover Weekly" playlist because it's Russian songs that I don't want to listen to because of tens of reasons that were mentioned above... Please do something, I like the app, price, and experience it provides, but these recommendations are killing me and I will cancel my subscription if there isn't be solution for this.



Discover Weekly has been a joke for me for the last 3-4 months.

90% of the songs in this playlist are in russian language, even though I listen to the songs in Ukrainian, English and Spanish. 

Hiding songs in russian doesn't help. 

It seems like Spotify promotes russian songs on purpose and intents to torture their customers from Ukraine.

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