How to give one device priority?


How to give one device priority?


My Spotify account is used on a few of our devices. The problem I have is that I am constantly kicked off when my daughter starts using it even if I was already listening to something on my device! How can I make my phone the main user so I’m not overridden when my kids start listening on a different device??

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Gig Goer

Hey Sparkymark,

Unfortunately, more than one member cannot use the same spotify account to listen to music. Connecting devices only allows you to play the same music on multiple devices, not different music from the same account, therefore the last person to play a song will automatically stop/override on every other device.


Hope this clarified.

Re: How to give one device priority?


I also have this issue and would love it if Spotify had a way of giving one device priority so that other devices can't interrupt listening on that device.

Or at a minimum a warning that comes up to say that you're about to interrupt the output of another device rather than just automatically interrupting.