I can only see audiobooks in German. How may I change the default language?

I can only see audiobooks in German. How may I change the default language?

See, it's weird: My Spotify is in English, my Windows is in English... and yet I only find German audiobook results. Maybe it's because I'm logged in with a German Facebook account, since I don't believe that I gave Spotify permission to track my location (and thus know that I'm currently in Germany).


Point is, how may I change the default language of the results that I see?

When I search for "Ken Follett", for example, I only see the German versions of his books, though when I search for "Winter of the World" (one of his novels) directly, it does come up with its English version.

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Hey dma555! The songs and audiobooks that are displayed/available for you in your region are based on your country settings and your billing method. Unfortunately it's not possible to only change the language of the displayed audiobooks. Here's how you can change your settings (please note that you’ll need a payment method with a billing address in the country you’d like to switch to):


  1. Log in to your account page on our website.
  2. Select Subscription in the left panel. 
  4. Click ‘…’ for more options.
  5. Click Change Country and select the country you wish to move the account to.
  6. Select a payment method with a billing address in the new country.
  7. Confirm the change by clicking CHANGE PAYMENT DETAILS.
    The new payment method and country settings be in effect from your next payment date.

Let us know how it goes.

That is a workaround and not a solution! 

I have the same problem ! I live in Switzerland, where we have three official languages, but I can only access books in German, and I speak French !

Tried this method but it was already set to the correct country.

I have the same problem. Please fix this problem


Same problem. Living in the french speaking part of Switzerland and can only access german audiobooks.

Same problem here. Living in Switzerland as en expat, can't find a single english audiobook

Please fix this immediately, exactly the same problem here. Born in Switzerland but in the Italian region, moved to Australia a few months ago. I can find German audiobooks only, not even Italian which would be at least okay for me. Spotify fix this!


Having exactly the same problem - despite my account be registered in the UK all I receive is German audiobooks now I am based in French speaking Switzerland. All very strange. Spotify - any solutions? 

same here, swiss as well and there are only german audiobooks for me. I can't even find english audiobooks, even though I am specifically looking for the english name ('me befor you' instead of 'ein ganzes halbes jahr')

Same here! just German audiobooks and I'm not german nor I speak German

It is disgusting to see still not a single reply from Spotify. This thread is more than a year old, never seen such a poor customer service, this is HORRIBLE!

I'm also looking for a solution for that for quite a while now. Would be great if you could change this

I also have this issue. I'm glad to see that you have added audiobooks to Spotify, however, I am not interested to listening to audiobooks in German simply because my bank is located there.. There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to listen to an English audiobook from a German speaking region. I can buy English books in German speaking regions, as well as listen to English music.

Dear Support,


when do you expect to get a solution, so that we dont have to create a FAKE billing address “just” because we have another mother tongue?


I look forward to a future of multilingual searches and playbacks;0)


merry christmas!

Hi I have same kind of problem

it looks like amazon solve the issue, I may try it and switch ,

did you check ?


Same problem here, it is ridiculous.. at least offer a selection of audiobooks in english and french as u do with the podcasts..

Still no news? I am as well an italian living in Germany, but I don't speak german! I don't expect audiobooks in italian but at least some selection in english... yes.

Could you please give us a feedback asap?

Same problem. Swiss living in Thailand, want to listen to original contents (EN). Your proposed solution wouldnt fix the problem as I would get Thai content instead. Please address this issue soonest!

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