I can't find an artist who used to be on spotify. Can anybody help me?


I can't find an artist who used to be on spotify. Can anybody help me?


So last weekend (less than 6 days ago) I shazam an artist and played on Spotify. I saved the  album and and follow the artist. 
Today I wanted to listen to it again and couldn't find it anywhere in Spotify and oddly enough neither can I find it in my Shazam. I can't remember the artist name or any of the songs(they were all instrumental) or the name of the album.

What I can remember about the artist and the album:

- Genre of music was sort of hip-hopy jazz instrumental music and it was really chill. I believe it had piano and some brass in it.
- I remember the artist's first name started with J (I have a feeling like it was Joe or Joseph) and his surname with a P and I think, although I am less sure about this, it contains at least the letters 'o' 'c' and 'i' but can not remember in what order.
- There was two albums on Spotify one was a picture of what it seem to be like bushes or small trees and the other album which was from an earlier time was like a blue drawing of what seem to be a man playing on a piano.
- I think one of the songs had the word 'Today' in it and it was from newer album (the one with the bushes).

If anybody knows it or if it sounds familiar please let me know.

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Hey there, which device with the Spotify app did you save the album with?


On the Spotify desktop app if you go to Albums under YOUR MUSIC is the album saved there?


On a Spotify mobile app a bit more to get to. Open the Spotify Mobile app, tap on Me on the bottom Nav bar, tap on the Favorites heart Folder, swipe up a little and saved albums are under Albums category here by artist name in alphabetic order, or swipe down a bit and one can use the search filter option here, a down arrow will appear far right of the keyword search input field to change search filter options.