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I got banned on facebook for sharing song on Spotify!

I got banned on facebook for sharing song on Spotify!

Today i shared the song "Mr cool - Knulla barn", its a song about child abuse, pedo, euwk ... **bleep** shouldnt exist on this platform.. its **bleep**ing awful disgusting**bleep**...

And to my knowledge, spotify and facebook is working together, how come u dont have community rules that are the same for both platforms?


Since this facebook ban is cause of childporn/abuse, i cant appeal it or anything.



REMOVE THAT **bleep**bleep** NOW!

and i would like my facebook account back.


7 Replies

And it would be such a shame for ur business if media got hold of this information that u support child abuse.. it would be such a shame...


Im so **bleep**ing **bleep** of now.

Well, aparently the song is gone now.  Too bad!  "Knulla barn" is a very funny (satiric!) song.  Hopefully we will get it back sooner or later.

Yeah, hopefully its back in 30 days so i can do it all over again!

Or you could simply not listen to a song that you don't like...

Its more the thing, if u use facebook sdk you should comply under the same community rules . Else it will just be a mess.. And eventually people stop sharing content outside facebook just cause they will be afraid of it ... 


That doesnt add up.. And since this is flagged as Child abuseive i cant even appeal the report.. Instant ban and have to wait 30 days to get account back... That aint fair huh? 

Yes, it's indeed not fair that you blame Spotify for your violation of FB's rules.

that sucks

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