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Iamx - Kingdom of welcome addiction missing album

Iamx - Kingdom of welcome addiction missing album

Hello, why this album is not available on spotify? It was there some time ago, I remember. I saw this question here, but problem is still the same. 

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@Sand101 Hey there,


Spotify wants people to enjoy an expanding library of over 30 million tracks but individual copyright decisions aren't theirs to make. Anything which Spotify has the right to upload and has been provided to us, should be available on Spotify.


Here's what you can do to get that added:


Hope that helps! ^_^

Hello SandO1,


Unfortunatly it does not depend on Spotify but on who own the Album Masters. 

Concerning IAM X I do not know if it is a choice from them and their management, if it is a strategy, or simply a matter of catalog. 

Sometimes this kind of things happen, old album are not available on streaming platform when artists get signed on major, or on any label and when the artists were their own producer before that.


Feel free to tell me if i was not clear, but without a doubt, I think this album is available on the artist bandcamp (or other)


All our best, 


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