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Inappropriate Ads & Ad Relevence

Inappropriate Ads & Ad Relevence

It is surprising to me that there is not an option to note an ad's relevance to you. If an inappropriate ad appears on Facebook, you can drop down a menu on the ad and note that the ad was not relevant to you. On Spotify, I have absolutely no option to reject specific ads if they aren't relevant. They basically show me whatever they get paid to show. I am honestly sick and tired of these dirty ads. I by know means want my kids to see these either. For example, today they have been blowing me up with a sensual ad for the Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Show. I don't want that. I just wish Spotify would do something to fix this. I've considered upgrading to premium for awhile but I'm not going to just because the ads are inappropriate. I'd much rather stop using spotify and use another music provider that is more family friendly.




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Hey there! I know ads can be annoying, and different services have different methods with dealing with users issues over ads. What I can do is escalate your concerns and comments regarding ads so they can be sent along to the Spotify Ads teams. Does this sound like something acceptable?


Also in the meantime or as a work around possibility, I have seen posts on the community in the past of using this little work around method, on Spotify account pages, users who adjust the age of the user to under 18 changes the ads that are targeted to users, those users who do not wish to receive unacceptable ads. 

The work around you suggested doesn't work for people who registered through facebook. (I completely regret signing up with facebook; its much more cumbersome than entering a username and password on public computers (and if I'm on a personal computer, ill use the app))

I also have recently had a change of ads that I'd rather not listen to, no matter who I am around. A flagging system or a way to opt out of a type of ad would be much appreciated.

Like Alex, I would rather switch music solutions rather than upgrade to premium because of inappropriate ads.





Can you explain this line of thinking for me please, maybe I am just slow?

You would pay another service for Premium Streaming access, but to avoid ads on Spotify service you will not upgrade to Premium access? How is that? 


Also if you wish to switch from a Facebook/Spotify account to just a regular Spotify account it is easy to do, a quick message to Spotify customer service can have all your playlists moved over for you as well.

I'm not sure if it's the same reason as other posters, but I know I'd rather upgrade because of the features premium gives users- offline use, no adverts for example. But I won't be forced to upgrade because of innapropiate adverts which make me uncomfortable or upset , I am happy to listen to adverts, it's the same as listening to FM radio.

i use Spotify to play lullabies, and when an advert, which is upbeat and disturbing, or innaprooriate comes on, it's not the best thing in the world. For me I'd feel like Spotify respects costumer's by basing adverts off of what costumer's play (i.e lullabies, Christian music and classical music are what I play most, if the adverts were sympathetic to that I'd feel like the company is much more tailored) 


i personally wouldn't use another paid for service instead of paying for spotify, however I'd find a free service who is sympathetic to costumer's. Tailored adverts is just better.   And would love to have premium (which I have had in the past) but currently can't afford it as it is a luxury 



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