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Is My New Podcast Not Showing Up In Search Results?

Is My New Podcast Not Showing Up In Search Results?



I am concerned that my podcast is not showing up when I search for it via search bar on my computer or phone. I'd really like for it to be easier for our new listeners to find us if they decide to use the search function.


Is it just a matter of time for it to appear, or is it a different parameter that we need to meet so that it can be easier to find?


It seems that my podcast is available via this link:


5 Replies

Hey there @artprospodcast,

thanks for posting !


It's best to check out this FAQ's page on Podcasts for further info.

You can also use it to contact the right factors if you're having any issues.


Let me know how it goes 😃

Our podcast is not showing up for all of our fans?? What the **bleep**?

Right that’s what IM saying

You've probably already noticed, but just letting you know that your podcast is showing up now. For me it is, anyway. Maybe it just takes a few days. I'm currently experiencing this issue, which is how I found your post. Good luck! 





Search for Art Pros and it's there in the UK. 

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