Is there a "remove from friends" option on Spotify?

Is there a "remove from friends" option on Spotify?


Basically, someone who lied to me many times before claims that they didn't block me on Spotify but simply clicked on "remove from friends". They sent me a picture where the option "block" was replaced by "remove from friends" in the 3 dots on someone's profile.


However, I know it's possible to change the appearance of our own Spotify by changing a few things in the code, and this person is a programmer so it would be really easy for them to do that. 


So does anyone here also have an option "remove from friends" instead of "block"? 


I looked online for tutorials, screenshots, or anything showing a "remove from friends" option but couldn't find anything. 


(ps I already removed this person from my life so no need to give relationships advice and it's not the topic anyway, I'm just saying because while rereading my post I noticed this sounds really concerning)


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Hello @Eilounaluna , thanks for reaching out.

To be frank, I don't know of any such feature.

The desktop app allows you to either unfollow or block someone.

The mobile app allows you to unfollow someone(I think the option to block is somewhere in there though).

Hope that helps, take care 

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