Is there a way to only play explicit versions of a song? Basically filter out radio edit versions

Is there a way to only play explicit versions of a song? Basically filter out radio edit versions


I find radio edit versions of songs take away from the song I'm trying to listen to. Is there not a way to filter out radio edit versions of songs? Most songs even include in the title that they are radio edit so it should be relatively easy.

I saw they closed out a similar request earlier saying it was a duplicate of the explicit filter but that is not the same thing as what I am asking here, I think there is a large group of people who would literally prefer the opoosite.

Any thoughts?

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I like this suggestion, and think it holds some merit.


In what part of the app would you use this function? Currently, you could add the explicit songs you want to a playlist and listen from there.

I think it should just be a default setting I can enable that always applies. The easiest route is likely to disable the radio edit Songs from being playable the same way explicit songs are disabled for others.


This way songs without editing can all be played, I don't believe songs are radio edit for any other reason except language. 

for example "Release Radar" playlist is full of tracks that are clean version.. it really kills me when I need to stop, go manually search for the real version of it, listen to it how it was intended, then go back to the original playlist.


please make an option to force explicit .. shouldnt be that hard

filtering out non-expliciit isnt even the best solution.. there should simply be a way to FORCE explicit version to play.

Agree with this. Have definitely seen myself in these circumstances.


I think a potential solution could be in the user's Account "Preferences", there is a toggle setting for "Always play explicit versions when applicable" or something along those lines. 

hmm.. ive never seen that. you're saying this exists currently? ill dig around more.. i have never seen this. are you seeing this from the web interface or from your mobile app?

How has this not been fixed by now?

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