Jonathan Richman


Jonathan Richman


The "About" section for Jonathan Richman starts out... "Jonathan Richman was one of rock's most eccentric and unpredictable cult figures..." Jonathan Richman is not dead, and the use of "was" momentarily scared me that he, too, had fallen victim to 2016.


Can you fix that? He IS. Not was.


Also, it's really annoying that I have to use this community to send you feedback, and I have no confidence that anyone at Spotify will actually see this.

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If I am remembering correct you have to do that through Rovi which does the artist bios that Spotify uses, and I think you might have to have an artist bio page through AllMusic as well. You can check this information page here:!/article/I-m-an-artist-how-do-I-get-my-music-on-Spotify and also might dig around here: at this site for artists, this section of the FAQ covers how to get Rovi to add a bio page to Spotify for your band I believe: