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Limit to 'offline' playlists?


Limit to 'offline' playlists?

I just spotted something in your FAQ about a limit of 3,333 tracks offlined? Is this true, and if so can you explain why? I realise as you need to re-sync updated tracks for all sorts of reasons, if someone has thousands of tracks offline then they could be re-syncing forever - but I have sort of got into the habit of offlining ever since the problems we had with BT throttling Spotify! It's great having a streaming service for music discovery, but here in the UK our broadband infrastructure is so flaky we can't rely on being able to use your service all the time if we don't offline. I tend to offline anything I 'collect', am I not using Spotify as you expect I should I wonder?

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No. It was 25K songs and it was improved to 100K! Also, I use Google Play Music and I uploaded 47K songs for free. I'm just waiting for them to open the Family plan to my country and I'll be gone from Spotify. They don't listen, or they are to proud to adknowledge the truth that they just can't lift that small cap because of their disastrous business model. I guess that's why, they CAN'T, and they're going broke at this pase accumulating loss every year more and more. So let's enjoy while we can. I'll be gone soon for sure.

I think they will smarten up eventually and perform proper advertising and
allow HiFi quality and unlimited offline downloads like Tidal music. So you
can have 100,000 offline downloads between 3 devices now? When did they
change this?

No, my friend. I have a 100 K songs in iTunes Match,not in Spotify. On the
other hand, the iTunes Music service does not have caps. You can download
as many songs as your phone, tablet or computer can store. That makes this
3333 per device limit look even more st u pi d

Yeah I know, I'm not really sure the reasoning behind it, I'm just hoping
they change it before it's to late. They could easily be so far ahead other
companies wouldn't be able to catch them if they changed like 2-3 things.
Pretty sure they're still number 1, haven't checked it recently though.

I almost agree with all of your points, only one that will keep me with the Spotify: User Interface. Google Play Music is much worse than Spotify. And the suggestions of songs and albums based on your mood are infinitely superior to that of Google Play Music offers.

I'm just over it: I want 30 years of music with me all the time. Time to bite the bullet and move to another platform.

This limit was increased from 3.333 to 10.000 musics per device, in total of 5 devices. SInce the main reason of the existence of Spotify is to stream music, I guess for most of people 10K songs offline are enough.


For you, maybe isn't acceptable, but for me is just perfect.


Google Play Music does't have this limit, but you are limited to assemble playlists at the 1K songs limit. There is no limits to download musics oflline, but, any playlists that you create, offline or online, are limited to 1K songs.


And, to be honnest, Google Play Music interface sucks. 


Anyway, Spotify for me are now perfect. 

I hear you. I left a month ago.

I use Google music. I just uploaded 45.000 songs from my personal collection. It's free, and I don't really care about the 1000+ songs playlists, as matter of fact, I never create playlists with more than 3 or 4 hundred songs. Let's see what happens with Spotify and it's obsolete caps. At least 25.000 songs would be perfect for me, but I guess that won't be happening any time soon.

I used Google for a while, It's a great product but the user interface sucks. I will stick with Spotify, since they removed the offline songs limits have increased my respect in the company. By the way, either in Spotify or in Google Play Music you will not listen the songs in Hi-Fidelity in free plans, just in Premium ones... And with a good earphones, listening in HiFi is really another level of experience.

And now that they support 10000 tracks; so will I.

When did they erase the offline download limits??? It's not 3,333 offline
download between 3 devices anymore???

A few days ago: Rejoice!

Even in the past the limit was 3.333 songs per device among 3 devices (9.999 offline songs in total). Now, this limit was raised to 10K songs per device, among 5 different devices. 50K offline songs in total.  This is a HUGE upgrade! 





Do you work for them? This site blows!

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Hey there,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community!


You can now download up to 10,000 songs on each of up to 5 different devices. You can view and manage all your offline devices here


There's more info about this in this support site article


If you're having troubles with your downloaded content, you can take a look at this support site article instead. 


Hope this helps clarify things! If there's anything else we can help with, don't hesitate to give us a shout.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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