Limit to 'offline' playlists?


Ok, here's the thing


Let's suppose I want to make a party in the woods with my friends,
and that's gonna be a huge party we're planning for years,
we want to smoke weed all day and all night for arround 5 days and have some fun,
also we like grindcore a lot, the average duration of each track of this genre is like 1 minute, maybe 1:30, we've created a Grindcore playlist in spotify for this purposes.

Also we're kind of a good listeners, so we can detect any repeated song.

So if you give us a limit of just 3,333 songs, let's do the math:

3,333 per 1.25 minutes of each track equals 4,166.25 minutes of music

4,166.25 minutes divided by 60 minutes (one hour) equals: 69.43 hours

And 69.43 divided by 24 hours a day equals = 2.8 days

So, We'll not gonna make it!

In short terms, I really like a lot the service but the limit sucks, and not because I want to hear all the music I've added as offline, but because I have moods, any kind of mood, also I don't have the time to categorise my songs into playlists, And of course I don't want to pay a lot for data charges.

You should update the limit.

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What a waste of time to set a limit on devices???

Thinking in looking for other providers....

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I switched to Google Play Music Premium (just means I am a paid
subscriber)... It is the same per-month cost as Spotify for a single user
subscription, has as much (if not much more) music content available than
Spotify, has *unlimited* mobile device downloads (I have 73+ GB of music
downloaded on my Android Phone currently), has higher quality/ad-free
streaming than both Spotify Google Play Music Basic (non paid use), works
on all platforms and syncs with all signed in devices/browsers, includes a
YouTube Red Subscription for no added fee (means ZERO adds- ever on all
YouTube content from signed in devices/browsers & access to their premium
content), features YouTube-based music videos for most modern day music
from within Google Play Music App, has great playlist/sleep/sound EQ
customization features, an easy to use interface, curated
playlists/collections of music based on tastes/mood/time/activity, you can
upgrade to a family plan to include 5 other subscribers under your account
for an additional $5.99/month (I believe- it may be 6.99 USD, but no more
than that) & there are *many other* added benefits not listed here which
make it a far superior music subscription service- my favorite being that
you can both voice search for a track, or just have your phone simply
listen to any music playing around you to then identify it & send you to
that track/album/artist. If you're an iOS/iPhone user, Apple Music is also
a better option than Spotify in terms of downloaded content, however my
wife uses Apple products (phone/tablet) & utilizes our Family Google Play
Music Subscription with no issues whatsoever across her iOS devices. It's
not even a fair comparison- do yourself a favor by switching to either
Google Play or Apple Music & put your monthly subscription payments to such
far better use than giving it to Spotify! ​

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This is definitely not a "solution".


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is there a way to increase the download limit?


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This thread was originally created 5 years ago. Our complaints have kept up, and multiple suggestion pages have been put up and closed over these years, labeled with the excuse that it "could not be changed in the near future". It is now 2017, again 5 years later than the creation of this thread. Spotify, what has changed over these 5 years? Is your definition of the near future much different than ours? Please, as paying customers, we'd love to know. 

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Pandora, Deezer, Google Music, Apple Music don't limit anything, why Spotify has this low limit, make it at least 10 times more.

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Let's boycott Spotify. Create an anti Spotify facebook page until they give their paying customers what they want.

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I couldn't take it anymore  and have just cancelled    after 5 years of making do with 3333 songs per device.


I never changed before because  the range of music was much better  with spotify but now that is not true.



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I am almost switching too. Its unbearable.