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List of all songs by artist by popularity

List of all songs by artist by popularity

Apple Music shows every song of a selected artist on their artist page, ranked by popularity. Click the first one and Apple Music will play every song of the artist from #1 to the very last song.

This is something I used ALL THE TIME. 

Spotify just does not feature something like that, or am I missing something?

This is so basic that I consider changing back to Apple if this feature is missing, tbh.

Or ist there any workaround?

Asking for mobile, ofc.

1 Reply

Have you ever wondered why to keep being a Spotify subscriber? Well, even though some features may not be active yet, it's important to remember that Spotify is always investing in improvements and evolutions. And that suggestion of playing music based on the most popular artist is already being taken seriously by the Spotify team.

But besides that, being a Spotify subscriber has many amazing benefits! With Premium, you have access to all music and podcasts without ads, you can download music to listen offline, and you can listen to any song, anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you have access to exclusive playlists and personalized recommendations based on your listening history.

And if you think you've seen everything Spotify has to offer, wait until you see the new things to come! Spotify is always working to offer the best listening experience for its users, and being a subscriber means having access to all of this before everyone else.

So why stop being a Spotify subscriber? Stay connected to the music and podcasts you love, and take advantage of all the amazing benefits that Spotify has to offer. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the best listening experience!

Best regards and have a great week!

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