Looking for an artist/ track/ album on Spotify?


Looking for an artist/ track/ album on Spotify?


The music / artist I'm looking for isn't on Spotify. Now what?!

Many folks in the Community have requested certain tracks, albums or artists be added to Spotify. The reality is that we would like to have all the world's music available on Spotify. Therefore, anything which we have the right to upload and has been provided to us, should be available on Spotify.

We are signing new labels and adding great music every week. Hopefully your favourite music will be up soon.

If you still can't find the music you're looking for, try contacting the artist or record label and ask why the music isn't on Spotify.

You can also open this form and provide us with feedback.

When doing so, do please keep in mind that this is an internal list we will use at regular intervals, to see how much interest there is for any given band. Submitting a name does not mean they will magically be showing up soon.


If you've got any other questions please let us know in a post right here

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Ireally want the traveling wilburys on spotify, all the individual artists are on spotify but it want their combined work pretty please


Hey . I was wondering if someone knew a song which was played on an ad and went like that, March on march on 😛 . Thanks ! 😄


I really would love to see the catalogue of "Psyborg Corp." on Spotify. They're on the label NoiTekk.

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Where's Bloc Party? Most of their songs are gone. 


I miss the following albums on Spotify:

Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica (currently unavailable in Germany!)

Chance The Rapper - Acid Rap (currently unavailable in Germany!)

El-P - Fantastic Damage (currently unavailable in Germany!)

Jay Electronica - Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)

Tool - 10000 Days

Tool - Lateralus



Dr. Dre - The Chronic


Captain Murphy - Duality

Earl Sweatshirt - EARL

Lil B - I'm Gay (I'm Happy)

Radiohead - In Rainbows

N*E*R*D - In Search Of (Original/Electronic/2001 Version)

Clams Casino - Instrumentals

Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, ULTRA.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Trout Mask Replica


Also it's always sad you can't stream The Beatles, but I guess there's nothing to do 😞



when it comes to new songs of Rihanna?



When will these albums be available?



Nightwish - Endless Forms most Beautiful

Sulphur Aeon - Gateway To The Antisphere


which ad was it for?


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Re: Looking for an artist/ track/ album on Spotify?

Hey . I was wondering if someone knew a song which was played on an ad and went like that, March on march on 😛 . Thanks ! 😄



I need to know where Nightwish's new album Endless Forms Most Beautiful?? It have release in CD forms 2 weeks ago and Spotify havn't it yet?? 


Is it this one?




If I got it right please let me know.

Yes, this one. But i can't play it in my spotify yet. 😞

Oh Wow sorry, I know sometimes depending on what country you live in, because of licensing rights a song/album may not be able to be listened to.


Ya, i think so too, but i think it was too long to waiting for. 


A couple of back catalogue indie albums that I'd be grateful if they could be added to Spotify...


Easyworld - 'This Is Where I Stand' --


King Adora - 'Who Do You Love?'





I have a question, you have last call in jonestown by Polkadot Cadaver but not any of their other albums like Purgatory Dance Party or Sex Offender, any chance they are coming to spotify soon?



Add new Sia song "California Dreamin'" and/or San Andreas movie soundtrack to Spotify soon?
(Album will be release to Itunes May 12th..)


Any body know what happen to the big chunk of Ramon Ayala albums?? There gone now..


Well I noticed a good chunk of the ramon ayala albums are no longer there, like estrenos, porque, Corazon vagabundo, tus pucheros , amor eterno, a lot of them? Will they be back?
Also in the Little Joe album Que Suave Loco, it only has 7 song instead of the 10 available for play...


Is it this album that you are looking for?




Is it this album that you are looking for, it looks like it is not available in the States.





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