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Looking for an artist/ track/ album on Spotify?


Looking for an artist/ track/ album on Spotify?

The music / artist I'm looking for isn't on Spotify. Now what?!

Many folks in the Community have requested certain tracks, albums or artists be added to Spotify. The reality is that we would like to have all the world's music available on Spotify. Therefore, anything which we have the right to upload and has been provided to us, should be available on Spotify.

We are signing new labels and adding great music every week. Hopefully your favourite music will be up soon.

If you still can't find the music you're looking for, try contacting the artist or record label and ask why the music isn't on Spotify.

You can also open this form and provide us with feedback.

When doing so, do please keep in mind that this is an internal list we will use at regular intervals, to see how much interest there is for any given band. Submitting a name does not mean they will magically be showing up soon.


If you've got any other questions please let us know in a post right here

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I'm looking for Depeche Mode - Wrong.


What happened to the Sounds of the Universe album..?

Looks like I could only find one song with julia savicheva on it
When I tried to find
???? ???????? ????? ??? ??? ????? ??????
This came up, I wish I knew more Russian Music



Please accept this remix bundle to Spotify.


DJ Gollum long remix is so robust!!!


I'm not sure if you are in the US or not, but I was able to find it



I'm not sure if you are in the US or not, but I was able to find it


So im looking for this song i heard in a spotify playlist a couple of days ago im posting this on saturday august 29th, this song was either in the Dance pop play list, Fresh EDM, or Electronow. its extremly catchy and i forgot to save it and they removed it from the playlists . i dont remeber much other than the chorus has a male singer going "boogie oogie" harmonizing. seriously its been stuck in my head and i need this song any help would be appreciated


I just signed up on spotify and I dont know what to click on to find a song and play it. can someone help





Which device are you currently attempting to use Spotify with currently?

Still loving you . Scorpions the original version please! Is better than the 2011 version -.-
Why isn't it on spotify?

Somehow spotify shows latest albums of old legendary bands. Where are albums from the 80's and 90's? For example Def Leppard.. It shows albums from 2011 - 2014. Somethingthat is recreated from the past plus some new songs when they are already old grandasses. It would be better if Spotify would show all albums from the very start. Is it so hard? Why is it limited to some years in the past? Todays music is not as good as older. Today most of them recreate old songs mix them with **bleep**in' beatbox and think that it is cool. But actually it sux. Boring beatbox doesn't make music great. It lacks various rhythm variations melodies - everything that gives the taste the felling from the music. Perhaps they should use old synthesizers drums guitars etc. Oh by the way Spotify as a program on PC has to have graphic equalizer to change various sound frequencies.

Had a bangin Rick Ross song on my playlist yesterday,

now its gone and i cant find it since i dont remember the name 😞


any chance that anybody knows? 😮 

I can't find "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Lostprophets on Spotify anymore.

Marked as solution

Please bring back Kid Cudi's "The Prayer" from his first mixtape "A Kid Named Cudi". Thank you so mch.

Primarily The Prayer



I am missing Ultimate Kylie album from Kylie Minogue .. Could u please add that album? Thanks

no big deal, but *1998
I would love that song on spotify! Please make it happen!

I really enjoy Spotify for its variety of music available. Sadly, I've finally found a **bleep** in that. Hopefully, others will be get on to that as well because I really enjoy Avenged Sevenfold and was disappointed to see St. James wasn't available. Regardless, a really great music app and definitely the best I've had.

agreed! i love this song!! I wish they would add some mixtapes. Macadelic by mac miller is an amazing mixtape as well as 1999 by joey B4da$$.

Spotify I would like to have kwad up by kasper k on here. If you could please work on getting it added that would be great!



I have just joined spotify having lost 2500 songs from an sd card that got corrupted. Unfortunately one of my favourite albums is not listed on spotify. Lagrimas by Dulce Pontes. Any chance it could be added to the existing Dulce Pontes albums on Spotify?



Phil Roller

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