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Looking up songs by age of the artist at release?

Looking up songs by age of the artist at release?



does anyone of you know if there is a database / function with which it's possible to look for songs by age of the artist when he released the song / album?


I was intrigued by the idea of being able to choose a genre or specific group of artists and only listen to songs that they wrote at for example my own age. Or jump to the music that they released e.g. 10 years later, to compare.


The problem I see is of course that members of a band are all of different age, and that there are many songs "featuring" other artists in them. If such a function existed it would have to be adopted for every member of a band in each song. Other problem, for classical music it is of course impossible to name and age every musician, but the writer of the piece could be the one whose age is taken into account for example. This leads to another problem, sometimes the exact time of release is unknown, in case the song was written a few hundred years back for example. 


Anyway, if someone knows anything about such a function, please let me know.


Thanks in advance for letting me know your thoughts on this.



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I love the idea but you may struggle with getting the list for many reasons. George Michael wrote Careless Whisper at 17 but didn't release it until he was 21. You'd probably need to create a list of artists you were interested in, find out their birth dates and pick a release year from there 🙂

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