Mac and Devin Go To High School issues (Austria)

Mac and Devin Go To High School issues (Austria)

Why is only "Young, Wild and Free" available in Austria? I watched Mac and Devin Go To High School during holidays and the soundtrack is fire. I was in Slovakia and saw that my cousin's account was allowed to listen to the rest of the album, so it can't be a only US album. I really want to know why it isn't available in Austria.

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Hey SimonJozo!


It is possible that certain songs are available in specific regions, depending entirely on the permissions granted by the artist/company when the song was leased to Spotify. Based on your picture, however, It looks like you may just have turned explicit songs of! To fix this, simply go into your settings and flip the explicit songs switch, and explicit songs will be shown in an album or playlist, but will not play.


I hope this heleped!



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