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Metal genre doesn't update "New releases" since February

Metal genre doesn't update "New releases" since February


I'm interested in knowing if anyone else has the same problem as myself. Basically the Metal genre won't update the "New releases" section for me since the album "Lost in the Waves by LANDMVRKS" came out back in February this year.


The problem persists for me across platforms (Windows app, Android, Web player), even after deleting and reinstalling all of the named versions. Which includes deleting any caches that may persist after simply uninstalling the apps. 


Does someone has the same problem or maybe even better a solution to this extremely annoying problem?


22 Replies

Hey there @MrCHip,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


New releases is automatically updated and renewed whenever there is enough content. This varies depending on the country of your account, as some artists and labels have restricted content in certain regions.


This is most likely not an account thing, but it's always a good troubleshooting step to check with a friend if their New releases section for Metal has newer entries.



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This is still an issue, I have 0 new "releases" since the Gojira album 'Fortitude'.

When manually searching other artists I can see that there have been multiple metal album releases since then but they are just not showing?
'go look at a friend' is not very helpfull

Hi there @VLokkY,


Thank you for your reply and feedback.


We can confirm that this is being looked into by the right team and being investigated at the moment.


We suggest that you always keep your app up to date in the meantime.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂



Here in Australia, i have the same issue. However, I doubt it has anything to do with country of origin. The last album I can see is by Powerwolf which was officially released 17 July 2021. The album preceding that is by Drown this City and was released May 28 2021. There have been new albums released by popular bands very recently (Sepultura, Between the Buried and Me etc), with the albums in the band profile but not in the New Album section of the Metal profile. I've seen similar posts to this one highlighting the issue, with what seem to be responses by Spotify staff stating the issue is being looked into. These replies were relatively recent (at most the past month) but still nothing. The issue can't be that hard to fix, particularly when other music genres are updated regularly. I should say that i'm running the latest version. Is it a cache issue? This post is my first to the community, so I'm wondering if these posts are the best way to push for some form of action. For one of the worlds biggest music streaming services, arguably the worlds largest, it really is unacceptable this hasn't been fixed in months. Would this be accepted by the masses if the Hip Hop or Pop new album sections weren't updated regularly? No.

Problem solved: Tidal subscription

Few weeks in, same result... 'looking into it' my ass

@jcalerda, is the amount of metal the same?
I listen to a lot of small time bands, doom metal / sludge metal ... etc
Same for random metal folk bands.

@vlokky deezer or tidal have a lot more choice than spotify

@volkky today new realase by platform apple music, deezer, tidal… compare with spotify




Still the same for me but not a surprise. Will definitely look at Tidal now.


apple music, deezer and tidal updated... spotify still in stone age!

apple music, deezer and tidal updated... spotify still in stone age!

Hi @jeremy, it's now over 3 weeks since your reply to this topic stating the 'right' people are looking into this issue. Is there an update to this ongoing and unacceptable issue? In the same post, another moderator 'Alex' mentioned that these new album sections are updated when there is sufficient content. Images included in the post recently clearly show more than sufficient content to warrant multiple updates over a number of months. It really is fast becoming an insult to spotify subscribers who pay the same as everyone else to listen to the latest music that they enjoy.

Mine hasn't updated since Architects new album so yeah this is an issue that needs attention. If not I'll be looking into an new subscription service

Same happening to me. A big **bleep** you to metal fans. 

UK user. I'm not getting any new release section in Heavy Metal at all. All other genres are OK. Been like this for months.

Just switch…. I switched more than a year ago because of this.

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