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Metal genre doesn't update "New releases" since February

Metal genre doesn't update "New releases" since February


I'm interested in knowing if anyone else has the same problem as myself. Basically the Metal genre won't update the "New releases" section for me since the album "Lost in the Waves by LANDMVRKS" came out back in February this year.


The problem persists for me across platforms (Windows app, Android, Web player), even after deleting and reinstalling all of the named versions. Which includes deleting any caches that may persist after simply uninstalling the apps. 


Does someone has the same problem or maybe even better a solution to this extremely annoying problem?


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I made a reply to a similar thread that can be found here:


No idea if Spotify is actually going to make it work with the desktop app, but at least I can find new metal releases now..

Well, Apple does it much better. Maybe it’s time to switch….

What I see


 what all the other genre's see




 absolute bull**** this has been going on for a year now looking at the dates of these posts, time to price up other platforms byyyyeeeee.

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