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Metal genre section is missing updates

Metal genre section is missing updates



I am from switzerland, and since a few month in the section "Metal" there are no new albums available. In all other Sections i find week per week the newest released Albums. You now why i found no new Metal-Albums, or where i can find the newest Releases?

Thanks an many greetings from switzerland.


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still no new releases on the Spotify app. Why is metal neglected like this? 

Hello, since the last update or a few weeks ago the metal category is now missing any new songs and albums. Is thing something sportify is working on ? It needs to be fixed please!

In fact alot of the genres are missing new releases!?

Hey there @rainbowsabbath,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community! We moved your post from the Chat section to the help boards, as its content fits better here.


Would you mind sending over a screenshot of how things are looking on your end? You can attach it to your next message by using the Insert Photos option in the post editor. 


It would also be helpful to know if you've noticed the missing new content on all platforms or a specific one. 


We'll be on the lookout for your reply. 

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Hej guys from Spotify… are u serious? Come on… fix that problem.

There are no more latest releases in metal anymore, the section was removed. It's now called main new releases. It's different in other genres.

Is that the way to fix the problem? 😞

Wow! That's a pathetic move from Spotify. Instead of fixing bugs and supporting paying customers they decide to ignore it even more offensively.



This is what i see when i go into the metal gerne and a few others.



Hey @rainbowsabbath,


Thanks for your reply. 


Just to confirm, is this happening when logging in with the web player or another device?


Additionally, let us know if this happens when exploring other genres.


We'll stay tuned. 

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Good evening,


I get the same layout on both mobile and desktop versions, also the actual New releases gerne is quite bad as well very minimal, all the gernes seems like they have been reduced down. They all used to display, Playlists, Artists, Albums and new releases but only half of this now.


Thank you for replying!

Hey @rainbowsabbath!

These sections are usually populated by algorithms and as such are just not as good as something that is hand-picked.
The best way to stay on top of new releases is to follow artists and then check their release radar and what's new on mobile.
Discover Weekly should help with discovering new artists to follow 🙂 

We'll keep you posted as soon as anything else comes up!

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Sorry but following artists is not really a solution.

I don't know if Metalheads are different (ok, we are :D), but I know for sure, that we love to explore new bands. And the best way is just to see, what has been released. 

Albums and singles from bands that we maybe just know the name - or even not that.


Be curious! That is the way to explore "our" genre.


If you say that genres are populated by an algorithm - it needs some serious, SERIOUS work!

Just check this site: 

Over 500 releases from today back to April, 1st. And that is only EPs and albums. Not including live stuff.

Sure, not all might be released on Spotify. But the majority are. I'd say 80% easily. Probably more. That still makes hundreds of releases in ~10 weeks.

So, I don't know how the algorithm "works". But actually it seems to be on vacation for almost a year now.

This section is totally ignored by the 'Algorythms'. I check every week to see if something new is added to the NEW Metal Releases page but NO. Check this screenshot from June 16, 2022. It features albums from February, March, April and one from May (Caliban). It looked like this all year. It is absolutely incomprehensible why there's no one in charge of this section. Is it intentional Spotify?spotify_new_metal.png

Any news?


I made a reply to another thread regarding this exact issue. You can find the link here:


I have provided screenshots as well as an explanation for a dumb workaround that only works on browsers. If I could implement the same workaround to the desktop app, all by myself, I would do that. Alas, I cannot.


Please, fix this!

Any update when we'll be getting this fixed? Does metalfans have to migrate to another streaming service to get to see new metal releases. 

It only shows ''Main new releases'' and they're a joke!

Still same issue after months. How can this issue cant be solved. its annoying.

They don't care. It is that simple. Paying customers seem to not mean that much.


 I'm assuming this is what everyone is still getting, it's just playlists when all other genre's have different options



 this needs to be fixed ASAP, alot of metal fans are considering other platforms, myself included.

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