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Missing Album: Death Magnetic by Metallica and Missing Song: Another Night In by Tindersticks

Missing Album: Death Magnetic by Metallica and Missing Song: Another Night In by Tindersticks

Hello there. I've been using Spotify for years but i can't listen to my favourite songs or albums on Spotify. Why?! 


I want you to make Death Magnetic album available for me! (I live in Turkey btw.)

I want you to make all the Tindersticks songs and albums available for me too! 

And especially Slow Life by Grizzly Bear. This song means me a lot - BUT- i can't listen to it on Spotify. If i need Youtube to play music on my iPhone, wth i'm buying Spotify every month? 

1 Reply

Hey  @biranduil


I understand your disappointment.

Let me explain why some content may become unavailable:

Artists and also labels decide whether to put their content on Spotify. Sometimes an artist may decide not to make their whole discography available. Sometimes they make them available in some regions.

Changes in licensing, some copyright changes and all those similar things may cause temporary downtime as well.

I suppose in these cases it's either regional restrictions or some licensing changes.

If you'd like to know exactly what's going on with them, you may try contacting the artist or label, they may give a better answer. Also, if they hear that Turkish audience is also interested in their music, they may decide to make things available there too. 🙂


Sometimes my own favourite songs get greyed out as well. I am no less pissed when this happens, but luckily it has almost always been a temporary thing.
Can't get past buying music, though...


Hopefully this answered your question;
have a great weekend!

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