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Missing Many Metal Bands and/or Albums/EPs

Missing Many Metal Bands and/or Albums/EPs

How come almost the entire discography by Fallujah is added but the most beautiful release is missing? We need to hear Nomadic; to me, Nomadic is by far the best Fallujah release. It's amazing.
And c'mon, we have everything but Nomadic.
Thank you.
1 Reply

After finding Breaking Benjamin on Spotify a few years back, I felt pretty bad that only three of their albums (We Are Not Alone, Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin, and Dark Before Dawn) were included in their listing. It was a really huge bummer, 'cause I used to enjoy listening to their music on my daily commute when I was still in uni. Didn't have Spotify then, so I had to rely on MX Player for my music fix.


Just last week, I found this quick fix that allowed me to listen to their other unlisted albums, and other songs that have yet to be listed by Spotify, on my phone (including my best friend's music, quick plug, search for Dimencia on the Interwebs, 'cause his other tracks aren't up on Spotify yet), by adding your local PC song files to a playlist then downloading that playlist on your phone.(


Most of the tracks I was able to download on my phone had no searchable listing on Spotify (see: "Go to Artist" scroll-down menu option), but, to my surprise, Breaking Benjamin's other "unlisted" albums turned out to be up and running on Spotify! I was so thrilled I could finally listen to Breaking Benjamin's full discography on Spotify on the go!


Hope this helps you find Fallujah's "Nomadic" here, 'cause I want you to experience the same joy and fulfillment I felt after discovering Breaking Benjamin's hidden Spotify line-up! If the album really isn't on Spotify, just kep your hopes up that they'll eventually add it to Fallujah's listing. 


PS: You got me curious about Fallujah. Might give 'em a try on my flight later. 😄

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