Missing Vocals in Song

Weird issue here. I'm hoping someone can explain what's happening and maybe who I could contact.
So a few months ago, I heard this amazing song on the radio called Boa Noite by Karol Conka (sorry, don't know how to make an accent on reddit.). I. love. this. song. I played it constantly even though I know no Portuguese at all. In the car, on my bike, at work--just everywhere.
Then, a couple of weeks ago, I played the song on Spotify and discovered that the vocals were missing. It happened when I was cycling to work and I just assumed that my little crappy speaker I have on my backpack was on the fritz. But now I have tried to listen to it on my smartspeaker and my laptop and the vocals are just gone.
The youtube video still has the vocals, so it doesn't appear to be some kind of issue with rights in the song or anything.
Has anyone heard of something like this before? Is there some way to contact Spotify and see what's up?
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Hi there @gargantic,


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We suggest that you check out this article under Broken or incorrect content and follow the steps that's provided in there.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else 🙂

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