Missing genesis album


Missing genesis album


I am aware that this question has already been asked but I just thought I would bring it up again. As you might be able to tell by my name, Genesis is my favorite band and has been for some years now. I have noticed the same as some other people have. I can't really understand why the album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway isn't there when all of the others are. I see a gap going up in album order from the bottom  between Selling England By The Pound and Trick of the tale where this album should be. It isn't a huge problem because I have all of Steve Hackett's era of genesis on CD anyway but I like to listen on spotify and I keep noticing that I haven't listened to The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway in ages just because it isn't there.


I have noticed further down in the Genesis albums that there is The Lamb Lied Down On Broadway albums but they are live and part of Peter Gabriel's Archive #1 (1967-1975).



If anyone knows the reason for it not being there, I would be interested to find out.




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It's finally here! and in different remastered states. 


Cheers to everyone waiting for this and keeping this old thread alive.

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That means you have access to the archive series I dont must be a regional listening thing then.


The album is available on both Beats Music and Google Play Music. Just sayin'....

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Possibly because the rights to the other albums are owned by Virgin but "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" seems to be with ATCO. Why not contact ATCO and see what they say? Check out this post on missing music.