Missing genesis album


Missing genesis album


I am aware that this question has already been asked but I just thought I would bring it up again. As you might be able to tell by my name, Genesis is my favorite band and has been for some years now. I have noticed the same as some other people have. I can't really understand why the album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway isn't there when all of the others are. I see a gap going up in album order from the bottom  between Selling England By The Pound and Trick of the tale where this album should be. It isn't a huge problem because I have all of Steve Hackett's era of genesis on CD anyway but I like to listen on spotify and I keep noticing that I haven't listened to The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway in ages just because it isn't there.


I have noticed further down in the Genesis albums that there is The Lamb Lied Down On Broadway albums but they are live and part of Peter Gabriel's Archive #1 (1967-1975).



If anyone knows the reason for it not being there, I would be interested to find out.




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