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[Mobile][Podcasts] Very Annoying Bug: Ads in Podcasts despite having Premium!

[Mobile][Podcasts] Very Annoying Bug: Ads in Podcasts despite having Premium!

No, I’m not talking about promotional ads that are part of the podcasts audio. There are always at least two ads, one in the start of a podcast and one half way thru, that sound exactly like the ads on a free subscription. I’m sure that this is a bug, as when I replay a podcast episode, the ads are either not there, or they are different ads entirely.

Sure, they are skippable, but I quite frequently used to listen to podcasts to fall asleep with. Now with this added interruption, thats nearly impossible, and I have to use another streaming service to do so! They seem to be at least twice as loud as the podcast audio, and they will come up at unexpected times, making me jump in my seat.

This bug used to not occur, and it’s quite discouraging now that it does. Nevertheless, it’s VERY annoying!!

1 Reply

Hi there @drift_away

thanks for reaching out !


Could you please add some screenshots describing what you see on your end ?

It'll be easier to lead you through the correct answer.


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

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